UPVC Facias, Soffits & Guttering

Many people are now choosing to replace the wooden boards that were traditionally used to manufacture roof fittings like facias, soffits, and end caps, which help keep the roof secure and provide an elegant-looking finish to your home.

Many people are now replacing the old wooden boards with UPVC roof fittings. This is because the old wooden parts needed regular maintenance to keep them secure and weatherproof, such as regular re-painting and re-fitting.

At Fix4U Roofing, we recommend two makes of UPVC fittings:


Eurocell ‘Roofline’ UPVC fittings, as they are made of a high quality and durable UPVC plastic which does not deform, and is UV-resistant so does not colour-fade.


Swish fittings, which includes cladding and porch roofs

Both brands are of similar quality, but come in different colours and sizes, so we can find what is right for your home.

Both companies also provide UPVC window and door frames.

See: www.eurocell.co.uk and www.swishbp.co.uk

Note that we always use stainless steel screws and fixings to secure your guttering, giving a long-lasting rust-proof fitting.